Quick filter disabled in the web GUI

  • 19 September 2023
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One of our users reported that filtering does not work in the web GUI. It is possible to use the search bar, but they also want to filter per column. I might remember it incorrectly, but I thought that would be possible in the web GUI by using the quick filter. I’ve checked the documentation:

And it states the following:

Is there another possibility to enable this type of filtering? And what might cause the ‘technical limitations’ in this case.


Best answer by Ezgi Esen 21 September 2023, 09:35

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4 replies

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This is not the Web GUI, but the Universal GUI

Can you tell what domain and control the field is using? 

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Thank you for correcting me.

The issue with the quick filter is fixed! We overlooked something minor.

But another question was raised: Is it possible to filter per column like in the Windows GUI?

We tried checking the documentation and we’re not sure if it’s still in development or (again) overlooked by us. 

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Hi Ezgi,

This is called Excel style filtering, which does have a spot on the backlog to be implemented. When exactly is unsure for now: 


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Thank you Mark.

We will wait patiently until it is implemented.