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  • 10 January 2023
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Hi everyone,

We've implemented an auto-lookup for address data using @cursor_from_col_id. When both a zip-code and a house number is filled, the street name and city is retrieved. This works great.

The table that contains the address data has over 9 million rows. Searching takes a few seconds. From a usability point of view, we would like to show an hour glass once the searching is starting in the fields that will be automatically filled.

We tried setting the field variables to the ASCII hour glass (⧗) manually, have two temporary variables filled with a SELECT statement that retrieves the data, and once the temp variables are filled, move their contents to the field variables. However, a field can't seem to set to a value more than once. So, we don't see the hour glass at all. Instead, the fields remain blank, until the data is retrieved from he database.

How would we set up a spinner sort of thing correctly, so that the user has visual confirmation that activity is going on? The form itself remains active, and the user can proceed with filling other fields while the search is being performed. Has anyone implemented something like this successfully in Universal?

Best regards,
- Alex.


Best answer by Mark Jongeling 12 January 2023, 13:13

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3 replies

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Hi Alex,

We currently don't have anything for this. Alternatively you can add some information to your Form that explains that the field will be automatically filled.

Feel free to create an Idea for this! 😄

If anyone here on the Community has a different approach to this, I'm all ears.

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Thanks Mark 🙂👍 Much appreciated. I don't know if anyone else uses defaults with @curssor_to_col_id to trigger an autofill, as opposed to a suggestion box for example. I'll specify an idea for this, good suggestion.

I was thinking of an idea like setting visibility of a hidden input field containing the hour glass, that gets switched with the actual field, and once the searching/filling is done the visibility gets switched back again. However, I'm sure the same principle applies: visibility can be set once for the execution of the “default” query. It probably has to do with whatever gets generated by SF, which doesn't support this kind of dynamic behavior.

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Idea suggested here.