Process testing on webgui / universal / Selenium?

  • 18 February 2021
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We want to improve our automated tests on the web gui and Universal GUI. Currently there is a feature "Process tests" ( With this feature you can record steps a user could do in the application. This covers all situations that cannot be covered by unit tests. For example when a task is no longer visible due to a change in the roles & rights. Unfortunately there are some downsides of this feature;

  • It only works for the Windows GUI
  • It doesn't have a 'setup' and 'teardown' (clean database)
  • It cannot be automated with ci/cd tooling

Because we only use the Web GUI and are also targeting the Universal GUI we cannot use this feature. We're investigating the possibilities to solve this. We are looking into Selenium WebDriver ( This requires some programming knowledge (or you could use the Selenium IDE), but by using this we could cover all test cases. Because it's developed using i.e. C# we could automate it with ci/cd and apply a setup and teardown mechanism.

It all sounds great, except that the SF also has a built in feature. We're on a bit of a struggle, or we actually don't know what the plans are. Are the process tests going to be improved (support for webgui, universal, setup/teardown, integration with ci/cd), or not? And on what terms are we speaking? We want to put some effort in process testing using Selenium, but if the SF maybe could have a similar feature we're probably doing twice the work.

I'd like to hear,

Br, René

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