Prefilter is not active in popup/lookup

  • 12 January 2023
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I’ve created a dynamic model with a prefilter ‘Show_active’. Works fine. 

When in edit mode, and clicking a popup, I see the results - in grid and form. The prefilter is active on the popup. 

When I Save my record (Employee), and reclick the lookup, it’s empty. This is because the prefilter is not active. 

When I toggle it manually, all is ok. 


Empty popup - prefilter inactive.

I do not see a setting for prefilters in the popup. 

Main state: on

Any thoughts how I can change this? 



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6 replies

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Hi Alexander,

The popup you mention is the Lookup (popup) to the Company table. I'm curious about the reference columns for this User - Company reference, could you share them?

Usually when the lookup popup is empty and does not show a Grid, it can be caused by a 1-to-1 reference.

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Sure, here you go :) 





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Hi Alex,

Is this still happening? I'm not entirely sure how this can occur as the reference seems to be 1-to-many. Would be best if we can plan a short moment so I can look with you.

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Since it did not work the way I wanted to I removed it completely. I did not look into it a whole lot more, but I checked with co-workers and no one saw any logic to it. 


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If you can recreate this then please create a ticket for this in TCP so we can investigate the problem. If you can't recreate it, can this topic be closed? 

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No, I do not have this. 
Let's leave it for now.