Passing parameters in a DevExpress report

  • 6 November 2023
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It is the first time I am using the DevExpress report designer and it is not clear to me how report parameters can be passed to a query.

I am unable to report the desired data from the Windows GUI.

Can someone explain?



Best answer by Harm Horstman 16 November 2023, 08:58

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2 replies

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Hi Harm,

I get how it sometimes gets a bit confusing, I am working on a blog / documentation about this subject, 1 chapter is how to add a parameter and link it, hope this helps.


Adding a parameter

Sometimes we need to add a parameter and pass the value from the end product. To create a parameter in DevExpress right click in the field list on Parameters

Add the correct values and the correct datatypes. Keep in mind that the parameters should have the exact same naming you use for the report parameters in the Software Factory.


After adding the parameter we want to connect the parameter to the corresponding field of the view, to accomplish this you will need to go into the query builder of DevExpress. Right click on the sqlDataSource in the Field List and choose “Manager Queries”.


Click on the 3 dots and the end of the row with your view

Click on “Run Query Builder” in the bottom right

Then choose “Filter” in the bottom left of the popup.

From here on out you can add a filter by clicking on the “+” icon.

Before you can choose your parameter from the report you have to click twice on the icon behind the second field where it says “Enter a value”, with this icon you can choose between a static value, another column from the data source or a report parameter.

Now you can choose your created parameter.


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Thanks for your suggestion, it helped me further, but I finally found another, possibly more simple solution…

  1. Add Report Parameter(s)



  1. Add Query Parameter(s) and link to Report Parameter(s)

    Check option Expression
  2. Make use of Query Parameter(s) in Query
    SELECT *
    FROM work_permit
    WHERE wkp_guid = @wkp_guid

    Report Parameters: start with  ?
    Query Parameters: start with   @