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  • 2 June 2022
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For a client we’re working on connecting them to their corporate SSO solution. Fortunatly the documentation the client provided us indicated that they support OpenID as method.

In prepraring the request to enable connection to their SSO solution the client’s IT team asked us to provide the redirect url that would be used. As this is the first time using Thinkwise to connect to OpenID I’m unaware of what this URL will be and I can’t find it in the relevant documentation.

Can someone provide me with this url?

Let’s asume that the environment will be


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Hi Bas,

The redirect URLs for sign-in (and sign-out if applicable) can be found here.

[...] The post-sign in redirect URL is /signin-{name} — where {name} is the name of the Identity Provider in the appsettings.json — the front-channel logout URL is /signout-{name}.

Given that the openid provider in the Indicium appsettings would be named oidc, the url would look as following:

There is no direct redirect from the oidc provider to Universal. Universal redirects to Indicium, indicium redirects to the oidc provider and after log-in the oidc provider returns to the /signin-{name} endpoint and Indicium redirects back to Universal (this requires no further configuration).