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  • 15 March 2023
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I have an app with some tiles. The user constantly switches between 'imporr' and 'export'. 


Ideally I want the user to login. 

Click tile 'export' - open the table (screen) in a new browser tab. 

Click tile 'import' - another browser tab opens. 

When reclicking on a tab, jump to the tab since it's already opened. 

The new 2023 has some options for opening in a new tab. But that support a URL. 

Is this also possible or am doing something wrong? 






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Hi Alex,

With the introduction of deep links , soon you will be able to create those Tiles and use it in a Process flow with the Open link process action. As the Open link URL, you can input the correct URL to the screen it needs to open. Something like will then open the Import screen. Also filter values can be given that way, similar to how a deep links works.

Currently the application=xxx part still uses the application ID, but that can also be replaced with the application alias in the near future.

Hope this helps!

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Soon…   That does sound promising. 

I assume this topic is now connected to this Ticket on the devBoard and an update will be posted here once it is possible?

Looking forward to it! 



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@Mark Jongeling @Blommetje I believe you could already make this work actually, as the following prerequisites apply:

  • TWP 2023.1: Process Action ‘Open link’
  • Universal GUI 2022.2.17: Deeplinking posibility with Universal GUI

I assume that you are talking about Menu Tiles, not Detail Tiles? In that case the logic that re-clicking a Tile should reactivate the Open tab instead of opening a new one is not that easy to get working I think.

EDIT: The Application ID vs Alias @Mark Jongeling mentions is actually not an issue with Deeplinks, as we already use the Application Alias successfully in Deeplinks. The issue that you probably refer to (TCP 6305) has to do with the History browsing feature of the Universal GUI, wherein the last Open Document is re-opened based on a URL that includes the Application ID instead of the Alias. That will actually be fixed with the Universal GUI 2023.1.14-Beta that will be released later today (I assume), but is a non-issue for this scenario.

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Well Alex, History browsing will now use the Application alias, if available, in 2023.1.14 version of the Universal GUI will which will come available today 😉 

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Correct @Arie V , I mixed up the names of Deeplinks and History browsing 😅

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Correct @Arie V , I mixed up the names of Deeplinks and History browsing 😅

@Mark Jongeling Just realize that your solution is actually way simpler, as there is no need for a specific record to be selected or any follow up action to be done after Open Document.

So @Blommetje I would recommend to go for simply defining a static URL in the Open link process action, in combination with the to-be-released Universal GUI 2023.1.14 💪