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  • 3 June 2022
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Hi all,

when executing the “tsf_send_message” function I get 2 diffirent design of the message box.
For context, in img 1A. I use a custom made message named “warning_msg” in a DEFAULT control procedure which return the design shown in img 1B.

img 1A
img 1B


Now I use the same concept of the “tsf_send_message” (img 2A) in a TASKS control procedure but as we can see in img 2B, it uses a diffirent design. I think it uses the browser default message.

img 2A
img 2B


I would like to use the same design accross all procedures. Please help!



Best answer by Mark Jongeling 20 June 2022, 14:51

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2 replies

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Hey Mark,

I was able to get it working like I wanted with a workaround involving process flow and decisions. But I also think it would be really handy if the first method was also a valid option. I think I will create a idea for this.


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I think this is a limitation of the Web GUI. Since already a pop-up (the Task) is open, it may not be able to throw another one but I'm not sure. Is this still a problem or were you able to find a workaround?

Idea created: