Is possible to pick a coordinate on a map component and save it into a column?

  • 21 August 2019
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I read in the documentation about displaying a coordinate on a map component.
I would like to have the user select a point on a map and then use this coordinate as input data in a coordinate column.

  • Would something like this be possible "out-of-the-box" in the SF using the maps extension?
  • Is there except for the paragraph in the documentation some additional documentation about this?
Any help is apprecciated.


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4 replies

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Hi Dennis,

Using a point on the map as input for a column or task parameter is currently not supported. Feel free to create a topic in the Ideas section.

You can place a marker on the map and have the user drag the marker to the right location. There is a topic about this on the community site.

Mobile devices can also use the current location as input for a latitude/longitude field. More info here.
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Thanks for your reply!

I read the topic about dragging the marker to another location. That could be a workaround for us.
Displaying the map with a default marker in the center of the country and then have the user drag it to the desired location and save that new location to the database.

Where/how do I activate/get the Google maps extention?
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The documentation here (extenders in general) and here (maps) would be a good place to start.

Do add a topic in the Ideas section if this solution becomes cumbersome.
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