is it possible to set layout procedure on grid too?

  • 22 March 2023
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I wanted to show and hide fields based on previous field’s value selection in grid. By assigning layout procedure, it is only possible in form, but not in grid. 

Is there any way to achieve this?


Best answer by Anne Buit 24 March 2023, 12:06

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Hi Usha,

Unfortunately no. It is only possible to hide a column in the grid entirely, or show it, you can't hide it based on any values/conditions.

Maybe it's an option to hide the field in the grid at all times and only show it in the form under the right conditions?

Kind regards,


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Thanks for the reply Renee.

We are using grid only screen and so we thought it would be possible to do the same here too with out form.


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The problem is that every row has it’s own layout logic. A column can be hidden in one row and visible in the other.

It is currently not feasible to check the layout logic of all rows to dynamically hide grid columns, but feel free to create an idea for this. Perhaps at page-level or for some screens with little data this could work out.

A more static approach for now would be to set up a variant for this scenario. When the subject existisn in a detail scenario, you can link the detail multiple times, assigning different variants and letting context logic decide on which variant, which grid columns to show.

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Thanks for the explanation Anne!

We will try this approach with variants.

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Related idea:

The same logic concept could allow for hiding columns based on the same data-driven logic. This would reduce the need for variants.