Is 2-factor authentication supported in combination with Indicium and the Windows GUI.

  • 29 July 2019
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We want to use 2 factor authentication
Our configuration consists of IAM database / Indicium / Windows GUI client
The Indicum is in our DMZ en the Windows Gui client makes a connection through the internet (https) with indicium.

I've read in
that in G9.8 there was no support for 2-factor authentication in combination with the Windows GUI.

But time has gone by and I want to ask whether it is now possible for us to use 2-factor authentication in our configuration.

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2 replies

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Hi Eric,

The short answer is: no, not yet.

The good news is that Indicium fully supports two factor authentication by means of email and TOTP authenticator apps. Support for two factor authentication by means of SMS will also be implemented very soon.

However, the Windows GUI does not make use of Indicium's ability to perform two factor authentication just yet. Submitting an idea for this feature on this community website might help to increase the priority of implementing it.
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Thanks for your answer. We will internally discuss how to deal with this.