Integration with Matomo

  • 12 February 2021
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Good morning,

Yesterday we have tried out the extended property that should enable an integration between Thinkwise and Matomo:


We would like to use Matomo for heatmaps and session recordings.

Despite that we have set the extended property (and even installed the JS;, Matomo's dashboard is not receiving any input from our application built in Thinkwise.


Could you explain what we need to do in order to integrate Matomo properly?

Thanks in advance. 

3 replies

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Hello Ronald,

I'm not sure why the Web GUI won't provide any information. We stopped using Matomo (Piwik at the time) 2 years ago for our own application so we have to investigate what the problem is. In the upcoming sprint we will make some room to research what is going on.

Once an update is available we will come back to you.

Kind Regards,


Okay Roel, clear. Thank you.

Please keep in mind that it does not have to be necessarily Matomo. It can also be an alternative like Hotjar etc. as long as we are able to do heatmaps and session recordings.

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Hello Ronald, I created an issue on your behalf. So we can investigate this issue.