Information about the API calls to delete/modify/update IAM users

  • 10 January 2023
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Can you please give information about API call details for deleting/ modifying/updating users in IAM?

The process to create users in IAM from GUI is working properly. Can you provide more details for the HTTP connectors for below:

  1. Delete
  2. Modify
  3. Update
  4. Update the profile picture from GUI to IAM profile.



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Hi Rucha, 

Using f.e. Swagger, it is a piece of cake to see the endpoints Indicium supplies for a given application:

With: /indicium/iam/iam/openapi  (link:

So to Delete a user, you can do:

  • URL: [path]/indicium/iam/iam/usr
  • HTTP method: DELETE
  • Content can be left empty
  • Authentication type: Bearer (if possible)

The others are similar. Just make sure the HTTP method is correct. Content can be the JSON the request requires. 

Updating a profile picture using an API call, I would ask @Vincent Doppenberg. Maybe he knows the way of doing that 😄


Is there a particular reason why you aren't using the Application connector? 

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Thanks Mark, for the quick reply.

I am not aware how to use Application connector. So was using these HTTP connector.

I read in doc that it can connect to DB and do changes there.

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The Application connector can execute a query for a given application. For instance, you could enter the application "IAM” which is the IAM application itself. In the query parameter, you can specify the Delete/Update query, or pretty much any query, which will then be run.

It does require Indicium so it cannot be using inside process flow started in the Windows GUI; only System flows in that case.

In Universal GUI, you can use the Application connector inside process flows as Indicium handles this process action.

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That is great! I will give this a try!
Thanks a lot!