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  • 28 July 2022
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At a client, we’re going to deploy the universal interface in a short while. While testing the client found an interesting flow concerning login and password recovery that is undesirable.

Happy flow

  • In the universal interface, the user clicks the password recovery link. 
  • The browser is redirected to the indicium interface.
  • The user enters their username/email and a token gets sent out.
  • The user enters the token and new password en hits enter.
  • The user enters a username and password to log in.
  • The user enters their email TOTP token.
  • The user gets redirected to the universal interface.

What happened during testing?

  • Somehow the client manually went back to the indicium interface. And started the password recovery there. The process worked the same except he didn't get redirected to the universal interface as no redirect URL was available.
  • They also tried to log in at the indicium interface, the login was successful but the client got stuck as they didn't have an application interface available. They we're in the Indicium interface that only provides options to log in, log out and reset passwords.


  • Can we include a message on the general indicium login page to indicate that this only provides access for administrators? With a possible link to redirect people to the universal interface.
  • Could we also change the logo as this will be running on a client URL and they would like people to understand that this is an interface to their systems?

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Currently it is not possible to add a message on the general Indicium Login page, a link to the Universal page is also not possible because Indicium doesn't know where the Universal interface is.
That is why, when a user does a Change Password action from the Universal interface, the Universal interface tells Indicium where to redirect to after it finished changing the password.
Can you elaborate on the steps the user took to get in this situation? 

About your second question, you can change the logo in the Intelligent Application Manager (IAM) in the Global Settings form. There you can go to the second tab, "Image settings" and set the Login Logo and Login Background Image. They will also be used on this screen in Indicium!

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In some cases during our sign-in flow with Azure AD as Open ID provider we also get ‘stuck’ on the Indicium page. For example in some cases when authentication is initially failing.

@Dick van den Brink It would be much better for user experience, and seemingly a relative easy fix, to allow for a custom configured re-direct URL with a translation like below. I don't mind if it would be needed for us to set this URL and translation in IAM / Indicium appsettings / custom.css for Indicium, as long as it's possible.


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I think it is best to create an idea for customizing the Indicium main page with extra links, so it won't get lost.

Although I prefer to find out why users would get stuck on that page during a login flow and solve that issue.