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  • 9 June 2023
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We are looking internally to adopt a microservice architecture for one of our existing projects. This project partially integrates with Indicium as a data source.

Our architecture design specifies a separate service for connecting to Indicium, which also deals with some of the implementations specific to the Thinkwise ecosystem (such as the TSFMessages header containing error messages instead of the response body).

During start-up of this service, I would like to run a health check on the Indicium instance it has to connect to. This health check would be run inside Indicium and check on aspects such as database connections, database responsiveness, some general system checks and whatever else may be relevant to Indicium running properly.

Does Indicium have any existing functionality facilitating this, or is this something we would have to implement ourselves in some way?

Thank you in advance!


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Hello Jeroen,

Indicium currently does not have a health check endpoint which can be called to receive a status report. Coincidentally, we have put a bit of work towards such an endpoint already, but we currently have no plan on when we'll release it. The reason for this is that we actually have not had requests for this feature yet, as most people simply have Indicium write health reports and various metrics to, for example, Application Insights and then view them there.

It is good to know that you are interested in this feature. Can you create an idea for it? This allows us to track how much interest there is (via votes) and it allows you to track our progress. Interest aside, I do expect that this is something that we can deliver on relatively soon.

It would also really help us if you list your requirements for this feature in the idea. Perhaps make a distinction between the requirements that really must be included in order for this feature to be useful to you, and the requirements that would simply be nice to have.

I hope this clarifies things.

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Hello Vincent,


Thank you for the swift reply!

I have created an idea on the Community Portal as you requested!

Hopefully the requirements and general description are helpful.

Please find the link below: