Indicium - change interval pending system flow

  • 28 April 2021
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I have upgraded our environment to 2021.1. This is the first version with (mandatory) Indicium for us.

In SQL Server Profiler I see that there is a query running every second that checks if there is a pending system flow: SELECT * FROM i_core_pending_system_flow WHERE date_time BETWEEN @after_date AND @before_date;

At this moment we do not use (automatic) system flows, so my question is if it possible to change or disable this ‘every second’-interval?


2 replies

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It is not possible to deactivate this. For 2 reasons: 

  • if you start using system flows in the future they will start automatically without the need of having to manually activate the scheduling logic.
  • the SF itself also uses the scheduling for certain concepts (timed merge sessions for example). Deactivating this logic would also deactivate part of the SF functionality. 

in 2021.1 there is a performance boost by applying the hotfix below. 

IAM 2020.2 and up

  • 20210402 - Scheduling performance
    • Improve scheduling performance by updating the desired cycles for the first iteration from 100 to 5 and updating the first iteration to start at t-1 seconds instead of t-1 minutes.

 in 2021.2 there will be another performance improvement for the scheduling. 


Thanks for the answer.
So at this moment there is a query running every second on our IAM db that is quite useless (we also don’t use merge sessions).

It is understandable that it cannot be disabled, but it would be nice if the query runs every minute or something.