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  • 16 November 2022
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Hi, in our application we create users and with the API endpoints mentioned in the topic below we also create and maintain them in IAM.

Intelligent Application Manager - API on User

In some cases it is necessaryto rename the user id and for that I want to use the task “rename_usr_general” in IAM. Is there a way to use this task as a API endpoint or is there a complete list of all the endpoints Indicium offers?


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Hi Martin,

Yes, all tasks are available as APIs. The available endpoints may vary depending on the authorization of the user. You can use the OpenAPI metadata to get more information about the available endpoints.

Alternatively, an easy way to find an endpoint is to use the Universal GUI on IAM and take a look at the traffic (F12) while calling the task to find out more about the endpoints. Note that this does use resource staging instead of direct invocations. This is not necessary for direct API calls.

Keep in mind that the API is subject to change when IAM is upgraded to a new platform version.