IAM does not activate app for user

  • 7 February 2024
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We have an app deployed at the client, where "nothing” has changed. However, something did break. 
According to the client they restored the data Db due to a problem but left the IAM Db untouched. 

After this restore, whatever we try , we cannot grant access to any user. We all can access IAM, but not the app. I've have copied the Db to my testing server and tried a lot. 

Deployed a new model. Made a new app. Removed all users groups. Deactivated and reactivated all modules. Reset users.. Did a schema compare to our UAT Db. Didn't show a thing. 


In the Tenants overview - In the Current Access, i see. 

  • Users = x 
  • Users groups = x 
  • Granted Module = 0 (!)
  • Granted Apps = 0 (!)

When comparing with the LAB environment, all settings are the same. 

Any pointers on where to look? I would love to know why this ''suddenly’ stopped working and we can't fix it. 




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3 replies

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Did you check the owner of the db and the scheme? Do you get  an error on deploying user rights, if so what happens on a manual deployment? Did you try a sysadmin account?

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We all can access IAM, but not the app

This could have multiple causes. One being that users do not have any menu rights; so rights related. Can you verify all roles are still present and assigned properly to your user groups?

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No errors, but they changed the default schema, so something went wrong there. 
Seems to work now! Thanks!