How do I by default zoom out resource scheduler when opening for the first time (in Web GUI)

Hi everyone, I was looking for a way for web GUI resource scheduler to zoom out the times scale showing 8 months instead of 7 by default. I checked the documentation and the full model module in SF and I found the zoom factor under the web and windows setting in the extender, but they work differently from each other. In web its designed to be Boolean implying we are only enabling the feature and, in the windows GUI we are giving instruction what level of zoom are we requiring. Is there any other way of zooming out the time scale for the web GUI?

My current Time Scale 


I don’t find any difference after i enabled this option


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Hi Mark,

This is still open, It would be nice if we can manipulate the position of the current date in this time table without sacrificing the date navigation since manipulating the maximum/minumum dates will disable the calendar and the left and right navigation because dates are already set as seen from my previous comment.

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Hi Jefferson,

Seeing the challenges you are coping with, I have the feeling this might not work in the Web GUI as you would expect. Did you manage to solve it or still open?

Hello updates on my own discoveries with extender in full model:

  • We cannot zoom out in the set dynamic dates that we configured,unless its within the set maximum and minimum dates.