Handling data conversion with multiple versions

  • 22 June 2022
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We have multiple clients using our software, and some of them may have a different version in production than other. In some cases, there is the need for data conversion because of new functionalities or restrictions. We encounter some risks when upgrading from different versions i.e. we have one client that is currently on version 6.300 and one on a slightly higher version 6.301.

We developer our conversion script for version 6.400, and place it in a certain folder. However, this come with some risks and we would like to manage our conversion scripts in the SF.

We already use the UPGRADE code group for scripts that have to be executed every upgrade, but in this case we need a script that will be executed in every upgrade that encapsulates version 6.400.

So in our examples, an upgrade from version 6.300 to 6.400 should have the script, but also from 6.301, or even if we skip version 6.400 and go straight to a 6.401.

The UPGRADE code group can be used to manage data conversion scripts for specific versions, but I am looking for a more wider range of version. 

How do other companies handle this problem, or is it already possible to manage in the SF?

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