GUI aborts a transaction when a tsf_send_message is shown

  • 7 August 2019
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We have a form with 'Auto-save form' set to ON. This means when we change a specific column and click on a different document the form will be saved.
However, a trigger behind our table executes a tsf_send_message with 'abort' = 0. This message only serves as an info message. We expected that the trigger would continue and the record would be saved.
But somehow the tsf_send_message results in a GUI message saying 'The transaction is cancelled'.

Followed by:

When we set the tsf_send_message to 'abort' = 1 we get a 'Transaction ended in the trigger' error. This is how I expected it to be.

In both cases the record that triggers the messages is not saved.
If I remove the 'tsf_send_message' from the trigger the record is saved and the trigger is executed correctly.

What's going on? 🤔

Best answer by Anne Buit 12 August 2019, 09:49

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4 replies

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What are the settings of the message within the SF? (Which severity?)
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Hi Robbert,

the message is set to 'Information'.
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Errors like this are not supposed to occur. Please create a ticket so the development team can investigate the problem more in-depth.
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Thanks for your reply Anne. I've created a TCP issue: 70488