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  • 21 April 2023
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Why is there no option to set the width to 'Header’ only? 

If I for example have name, last name, first name, and go for headers and data… there is always that one name that makes a mess. 

Simple display the column in the width for the header makes sense to me. 

Any thoughts on this?



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Hi Alex,

Not sure why we have never added this, but I can imagine that for some columns this can be a little problematic. Some column names can be quite short, whilst the data is quite large. Column names like Reason, Template, Table (to name a few), are short but the value more often than not larger than the column name. 

And possibly our clients have never felt the need for this back in the day, resulting in this not being implemented. Feel free to create an Idea for this 😄

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Thanks for the reply. 

Created an idea for this here; 

Would be nice to have. 

For now, we will just have to learn to live without this...