Gantt chart planning

  • 31 January 2020
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I'm curious or there are customers who using Thinkwise for company-wide planning. We would consider the options for a planning module in Thinkwise. But because we are still a bit skeptical we would like to hear who has already developed something similar.

Important requirements are at least to plan projects and resources and show and edit them in a Gantt Chart diagram. Of course there will be a set of basic requirements like the possiblity to create some dependencies between taks, assign tasks to people and monitoring the progress of a task. 

Example Gantt Chart to develop in the SF

At the moment we're using Timewax as our project & resource planning software. With the open Timewax API we can create seamless integrations with our own Thinkwise system. We can retrieve, create, edit and delete both master and transaction data in Timewax.


Gantt Chart planning


Planning board


6 replies

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@Kevin Horst is there any experience from the custom demo-team concerning a Gantt Chart planning developed by the SF :date: ?

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@Kevin Horst is there any experience from the custom demo-team concerning a Gantt Chart planning developed by the SF :date: ?

Hi Dennis,

For a lot of custom demos, we have created a Gantt Chart as you described.

The only thing which we haven't done is set up visual dependencies between tasks, logical dependencies are of course no problem. The Resource Scheduler model does support a parent task id & reference task id for the tasks, which I think are used for this but maybe someone from Product Innovation like @Anne Buit can clarify this.


If you need any help, feel free to ask.


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Hey Dennis,


Next to the Resource Scheduler we also support an Activity Scheduler. This Activity Scheduler contains linked tasks with lines between them and can monitor progress.


Unfortunately we lack documentation for this variant but in the base it uses this 3rd party component:

We do not fully implement this but we only support a couple of features from it. In the Software Factory an extender can be added of type activity_scheduler. Once you created this you can see all the featured settings for it.

If you like to use this specific Activity Scheduler you can always contact me for more information. In the future we will see that the documentation will be updated.


Kind Regards,


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@Anne Buit @Kevin Horst 

I´ve demoed an application we made that contains a workflow and planning. It shows the tasks in a gantt chart using the standard scheduler. There were two questions we received: 

  • Is it possible to zoom in to hours? Many activities is not about days but smaller time windows. 
  • They would like to be able to see the dependencies (as shown in this thread as well) I see this thread is quite old and I would like to know what the progress is on this subject. 


I´ve been searching around and thought this gantt chart would be very nice, and has an MIT license: 

Gantt Task React - Gantt chart for React with Typescript - (gantt-task-react) (



Can you update me on the progress and tell me what your ideas are on this?

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This thread was originally about the scheduler component in the Win/Web UI.

For Universal we use a different component, but the hour-level timescale and task dependency visualisation would be good to add. Integrating these features to our existing scheduler component would be ideal, but alternative components can be considered as well.

Can you submit these feature requests as separate ideas in the ideation section?

In the meanwhile, it is possible to set up a tailor-made component using the suggested library and embed this as custom component in Universal. More info here.

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@Anne Buit @tiago We need the Hour-level timescale too, so raised an Idea for that part here: