Export uses table order, not subjects. Can this be configured?

  • 7 February 2024
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When we do an export (immediately) from our grid the column order in Excel is based on the table column order. 

However, in the subject, the order is different. Is it correct that the export uses the table column order, and not the subject order? And if so, can this be modified?
We have a table and a variant with a different grid order.. so the table column order is not ideal. 



1 reply

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Sorry for our late response.

The Universal GUI uses the grid column ordering of the subject (variant) to do the immediate export with. When the grid ordering is not available or loaded, it falls back to the general subject ordering.

Due to your question it is not working like this for you?

If so, please report a TCP ticket for this. Can you please link this question too, so we can give an update to the community if we know more about the problem?


Best regards,
Erik Brink