Execute Windows Command from inside a System Flow

  • 16 April 2024
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We like to execute a windows command from inside a system flow


DIR "\\sharename\queue" /b /s >”\\sharename\cmd\queue.txt"

What is de best approach?


Best answer by Anne Buit 17 April 2024, 08:54

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6 replies

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Hi Harm,

Having Indicium execute a shell command like this is currently not possible.

The easiest approach would be to set up a small, local web service that has the proper authorization to execute such commands and call this via an HTTP connector.

For this specific use case, consider using the List folder connector to read the files from a directory.

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Hello Anne,

I thought so and actually this is not really the way we wanted to go.

Using the List Folder connector seems to be the right choice. I gave this a try already, but it didn't work and proper documentation with examples is missing.

Maybe someone can give some more details the possibilities and how to set up List Folder connector.



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Hi @Harm Horstman,

Side thingy. The example as provided here did not help you out?

If it didn't suffice, please let me know why/what to improve and I’ll make sure to add a Documentation ticket about this in your name.

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Hi Jeroen,

Yes there is some documentation, but what is difficult to understand is the fact that there is a “Storage Location” setting in the Proces Action and a Input Parameter "Source Folder (pointer)”

I have tried various settings, but it did not work for a network share.




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Hi Harm, we created a Docs ticket for this situation. Do you still require further assistance or can we close this topic?

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I am OK for now.

Good to update Docs on this.