Error while opening DevExpress report

  • 14 November 2023
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I’ve been getting a Insufficient Memory error when opening a DevExpress report. But I only get this error when my application is hosted on Azure Web App Services. 

When looking at the error log, it looks like Indicium is having trouble with rendering Rich Text. I’ve tested this by removing all the Rich Text out of my report and it works normally.

How can I fix this and still use Rich text boxes?




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3 replies

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Hi Jaycee_C,

For this to work an additional setting is required.

The setting is called “HostedInAzure” and can be added as an extended property to IAM.

The documentation can be found here:,HostedInAzure,-Universal%20GUI%20Indicium

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Is “HostedInAzure” only used for Devexpress reports or can it effect other things in the application? What does the setting do exactly?

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This setting sets a specific flag for DevExpress to enable Azure compatibility. Some specific API’s for drawing are not supported on Azure and setting this flag works around it. It does not affect other things.