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  • 7 March 2022
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I have a table ‘contract’. I have a table ‘charges’. I’ve created a connecting table ‘contract_charges’

I want to enable Drag&Drop so that the user can easily select (multiple) charges, drop them into the connecting table, and there see an overview of all connected charges for that contract. 

I’ve created views based on the tables. I open ‘contract’, and show both ‘charges’ and the connecting table as detail. The view for ‘Charges’ is a select * from charges cross join contract. 

When I drag to from ‘charges’ to table ‘contract’, the task works ok. The row shows in ‘contract_charges’ - however, I think it is counter-intuitive to drag to ‘contract’. I want to drop them into the connecting table. 

When I try to do this, SF automatically sets both parameters to ‘Check for equality’. This is due to the fact that the parameters exist in both tables(?). 

If I remove contract_id from the view, it won’t show as a detail (; therefore the cross-join). 

Can I create a workflow where you can drop into the connecting table, instead of the ‘contract’-table? 


Currently drag&drop is not supported by Universal gui - is there any news if it will be any time soon? I think it is a very nice, intuitive way of working. 

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4 replies

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Note, this all works well in the windows gui, but the Universal will throw a lot of errors because of the cross join. 
When I remove the cross join, all works well, but with it, each row will throw; 

in Chrom dev tools; ----- /iam/11/vw_all_charges(charge_sort_id=20)/context()

So, the layout and ctx cannot be set for the selected row? 

Is a Cross join not allowed in the Universal gui?

-- wait -- will try with a better PK in the view - that might be something -- → yes, that works

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So the issue is fixed or is there anything else what we can help you with?

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Well, I dropped the whole thing since it is not supported in Universal. So yes, you can help… But that might be beyond the scope of the forum? 

Aside from that, I do not fully understand how to create a drag/drop on a connecting_table. 
account   - account/order  - order. 
I want to drag an order, in the connecting table, and insert both account_id & order_id. 
Currently I can only do this by dragging it on Account. Which feels counter_intuitive. 
But as said, not urgent, since the whole drag/drop doesn't work… 

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Dragging the order in the connecting_table (or "koppeltabel”) can work but the GUI is unable to know which account you want to drag it on to/which account to input. 

The filling of the account_id parameter can be done by a Default procedure for example or you would have to make it possible to have unconnected orders in the connecting table, then later drag the correct account onto the correct order.

Do you use a look-up reference on the account_id parameter?