"Deze omgeving is niet geregistreerd" after opgrade from 2021 to 2023 on PRODUCTION server

  • 21 March 2023
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Can anyone explain why this is and how to solve this?

I upgraded the PRODUCTION server to TW 2023 and when I start the IAM I get:


Pretty clear message so I click on the “Omgeving registreren” option and get:

Ok… No action required.. Maybe I just need to restart the IAM!?

Hmmmm nope…. This one again:



Best answer by Erwin Ekkel 21 March 2023, 13:52

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3 replies

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A trace shows that “ prc_flow_register_environment_check_url “ is being called with url = NULL
Maybe that is a problem!?

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This problem can occur if indicium was still active during upgrade. 
Can you reboot indicium and check the indicium log? 

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restarting indicium seems to have done the trick