DevExpress Word export - Tables aren't adjustable

  • 2 March 2023
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I have a report that I've designed in DevExpress containing multiple tables. When the report gets exported to Word (.docx) those tables aren't adjustable by the user. Meaning that the borders of a table aren't resizable for instance. 

Sadly I can't seem to find an option for this in DevExpress. I've been looking for a table property like ‘Fixed’ or something, but to no avail.

Is there maybe a report parameter I could use for this?





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4 replies

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Since you didn't get any input here, perhaps you can try to search for this on specific Devexpres communities. 

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I've checked the DevExpress community. There's a setting in the export function in DevExpress itself when previewing a document/report called TableLayout that you can activate which lets you modify tables in Word afterwards. 

Thing is, how can I implement this feature in the SF and the Print Report (export to .docx) process action? 


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Looking at the options provided by the DevExpress plugin we use, we are provided with the TableLayout property. No code is in place yet to change it's default value.

Feel free to create an Idea for this as we would have to investigate this more to see what the property does to the Docx file, but also how to incorporate this into the Software Factory as setting.

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Posted an idea for this:

DevExpress Word export - TableLayout property | Thinkwise Community (