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  • 3 February 2023
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A small question about creating deployment packages. Where is the (previous) ‘version’ in this screenshot from the manifest coming from. In our case with models and model versions, we cannot get this filled with the previous version for which a deployment package was created:


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By default the Software Factory selects the previous version automatically.

This can be changed using the following task: Data → Data migration → Set source for data migration and upgrade.

Set source for data migration and upgrade task

I do not know the specifics about how the automatic selection works but I would guess it is selecting a point in time without a name/description.

This is probably a bug so I would like to ask you to please create a support ticket for this issue in TCP.

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A Deployment package upgrade an End application from named version to named version. It is required that when you upgrade, the model version that you upgrade from is named, and that the new version has a name. This is also reflected by the manifest as seen in your image.

If your end application's version does not have a name, you can upgrade your end application via Creation and making sure this upgrade has a name set in Model settings. Or set a model version name for the last sf_model_info record.