Deployment on Linux | Reverse Proxy issue (I think)

  • 20 September 2022
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I trying to get our trainee server on a Linux instance. 

I have installed everything and can access the Universal GUI and Indicium (locally) but when I try to access it through the URL <server>/indicium/ I get a 403 error. 

I am guess it has something to do with the reverse proxy but any tips where to start looking for a solution?  



If i go directly to server/indicium 


If I login on the Universal login page: indicium/account/ui/logout?returnurl=



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2 replies

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Well it was a missing trailing slash :/

Now I have something else. Firstly I am logged in:


If I go the universal it still gives me the login scree:


When I try to login it redirects me to:


I then click on ‘return to sign-in’ and login again but then however get redirected to my own IP address /indicium instead of 

What could be causing this?


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I got it to work by removing the allowed headers from the appsettings.json.