Dedicated handheld barcode scanner integration

  • 26 October 2020
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I was wondering what integration options Thinkwise offers on dedicated hadheld barcode scanners.

I know mobile uses the camera of the mobile device, but that is not always the best and quickest way to scan multiple code fast after each other.

Are integration solutions already in operation with other clients? If not, how do I get the information I need to start? Are there multiple solutions possible and which is the best?

Do I use a USB or bluetooth handheld to connect with a PC on which a TSF client is installed. Does it have to communicate through a webservice? Is it better to work offline or online?

Thanks, Joost van Lier


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Hello Joost,

At one of my projects we used the mobile GUI on an android handheld scanner from Zebra (MC3300). This works perfectly since the integrated scanner is functioning just as a keyboard input in the android app.

Hope this gives you an idea.

Kind regards,



Yes it does. Thanks!

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Yes it does. Thanks!

What is your experience with the Zebra MC330? Are there more suggestions? 


Yes it does. Thanks!

What is your experience with the Zebra MC330? Are there more suggestions? 

I don't have the Zebra MC330. I was interested in proven solution with barcode scanning.

Barcode scanning is one of the requirements I am working on the following months. I was wondering whether special methods are required to use dedicated scanners. I never thought of dedicated scanners having Android for an operation system.

So that is a solution I can work on.

I bought a USB scanner which works perfectly with Thinkwise on a Windows client.

Of course, using a not dedicated scanner mobile device like a smartphone or tablet will work, but is probably not ideal for bulk scanning.

I don’t know how this will work in the web or Universal GUI, but probably the same.

So, now I have three solutions to work on, which do not need any special implementing, apart from setting a domain control to ‘Barcode scanner (mobile)’.