Cubic meter in grid displays different when deployed than in local environment


Hey all,

I am having an issue.

i concatenated a value with cubic meters but i am having an issue with displaying it in my grid.
When i look at it in my local environment it displays correct:

these are the values in my database:

But when i deploy it, it looks like this:

Any idea what could be causing the issue?

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btw the values from my database are from a view and the values that are displayed in the grid are via a lookup

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Hi Timothy,

Is the column in the View a Nvarchar? Whilst the model may say it should be a Nvarchar, the View code on the database may return data as Varchar. Casting the column as Nvarchar will solve that. 

Hope this does the trick!



Hey @Mark Jongeling , that didn’t help.

I provided you with the view below. An extra character gets put after deployment which is weird.

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Hi Timothy, 

It looks to be that when generating the code of the View that the encoding is the problem. Do you use the Functionality screen or the Generate source code process? In my test in the upcoming 2023.2, I do see the correct result.