Controle procedure 'Open' not working since a day or so

  • 21 February 2023
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Since a day or so 1 cannot use the ‘Open’ function in Control procedure anymore.

Normaly it opens the procedure in sql server management studio, but now i get an error message ‘Het aangevraagde bestand kon niet worden gevonden of is niet toegankelijk’ (The requested file wasn’t found or is inaccessable).

Any ideas? For my collegue it is working.

SF 2023.1.11.0 is installed on Azure.

Where is this file created so i can check my access rights.




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2 replies


.sql extension is connected to ssms.

The issue was caused by the branch setting ‘Model folder specification. This was pointing to a since short no longer available network drive. After changing this setting it was working again.

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Could you check what application is used to open the .sql files? Maybe the standard application is not SSMS.