Control type HTML versus HTML Card

  • 13 June 2024
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Can someone explain the differences between the control types "HTML" and "HTML Card"?

In a Hybrid solution we use a Grid for the Windows GUI and the Card List for the Universal GUI to display HTML content.

In the Universal GUI the Card List only works if the field is linked to control type "HTML"

In the Windows GUI, displaying HTML in Grids only works if the field is linked to control type "HTML Card" and in Form List only if the field is linked to control type "HTML"

Because the card list is not available in the Windows GUI, we are forced to use the Grid or Form List. The grid provides the best user experience, but HTML is displayed less attractively than in the Form List. The Form List works slower and the navigation is less intuitive, because it is not clearly visible when the work record is selected.

The HTML we like to display:

<b>11-Jun-24 00:01
<br/>Vessel XYZ
<br/>Total Moves: 250</b>
<br/>D | Containers: 237 | TEU: 390
<br/>R | Containers: 114 | TEU: 206
<br/>L | Containers: 13 | TEU: 15
<br/>O | Containers: 127 | TEU: 221

Something wrong with this?




Best answer by Mark Jongeling 19 June 2024, 16:46

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Hi Harm,

HTML is a supported control that allows user to view and edit data in HTML-format. It also present the user with a HTML editor. Works in both GUI's.

HTML card is an “unsupported” (or rather under-the-radar) feature of the Windows GUI that sort of mimics the Cardlist. The control is not actively maintained. In the Universal GUI, the control will simply be handled as if it did not have any control as the control is not supported. We also do not provide any new installation nor existing installation with this control.

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Ok Clear 👍🏼