Continous barcode scanning with Android device in universal

  • 27 August 2021
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Has anyone figured out how to implement barcode scanning in the Universal GUI. At this moment when I scan a barcode in a TEXT field the GUI does not perform an ENTER. So the value is Shown in the field but, the value is not processed by the default because the GUI does not handle the scanning action of the terminal as an entered value. (I already tried different settings on the scanner like HEX suffix 0X0A (Which is the equivalent of ENTER) But the universal GUI seems to ignore this suffix. So the result is that the value is shown in the field and the user always need to do something on the screen. 
We need to scan a barcode, process it’s value in a default, moves the cursor to another field or the same field. For example, scan a product barcode, scan a location, scan a product barcode, scan a location. A created a test form with only 2 fields and want the default to handle the scanned value and moves the cursor to the following ‘to-be-scanned’ field. 

Someone has ideas??? 

declare @msg varchar(100)
--, @teller  int

if @teller is null 
  select @teller = 0

  exec dbo.proc_maak_applicatie_log 'hulp_materiaal', 'id', 100,   'default start'

  --set @cursor_to_col_id = 'hulp_materiaal_code02'

if @hulp_materiaal_code01 is not null
  select @msg = @hulp_materiaal_code01 + ' '  + cast (@teller as varchar) 
  select @teller = @teller + 1
  exec dbo.proc_maak_applicatie_log 'hulp_materiaal', 'id', 100,   @msg
  --set @cursor_to_col_id = 'hulp_materiaal_code02'
  set @cursor_from_col_id = 'hulp_materiaal_code01'
  set @hulp_materiaal_code02 = @hulp_materiaal_code01
  set @hulp_materiaal_code01 = null
 set @cursor_from_col_id = 'hulp_materiaal_code01'

  --set @cursor_from_col_id = 'hulp_materiaal_code01'


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Hi Edwin,

Could you try it with TAB? Not sure which HEX value that would be.

Edit: If you would have this in a Task pop-up and if you would do a TAB after inputting the last field value and that last field being a BARCODE_SCANNER control typed field, then the Task will be executed 

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Mark, As far as I know the barcode_scanner control is meant for scanning barcodes with the camera of the mobile device. We use devices with built-in barcode readers, which acually act like a keyboard. In the barcode scanning settings you can define suffix characters. I tried to add Hex caracters 0A, 0B, 0C en 0D. 


These settings mostly do their work but not in the Universal GUI. 
And I don’t want to execute the task, because the logic behind the input is running in the default procedure. As far as I know process flows are not supported yet by the Universal GUI. Otherwise I could execute the task, sending a parameter with to decide whether the task needs to start again. I’m a bit afraid of performance issues when running process flows which starts a task over and over again. It’s an order pick proces, so after the user selects a line, he needs to scan 20 barcodes quickly. 

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Can you try 39?


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Hi Edwin

We have barcode scanning working with the Universal GUI. To "fire" the default, we have set the scanner to give a "tab" after scanning.
This can be set separately on most scanners we tested.
At the moment we use the barcode control for the input fields.

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I tried 39, I tried 0D0A (CRLF) I tried 09, but the cursor remains blincking on the input field.
T tried the barcode control but then I get an ongoing progress wheel on the field. 
In my scanning test APP 0A works. Then every barcode-reading will appear on a new line.

Whatever I do, I always need to touch the next field to fire the default.. Any thoughts
@Marc Ferket What mark and type of scanner are you using?

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@Edwin Saan, is this case now solved too, by fixing the mimetypes?

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Erik, yes this one was also solved with the MIME type, and I was so happy that it finally worked that I forgot to mention the final solution in this topic. And apparently I also did not connect this item with the other barcode issue because in this case we work with handheld devices with an integrated barcode scanner. And in the other situation we use the camera of the phone, so I did not connect these 2 issues, but apparently in both cases it was the MIME type .WASM that needed to be added on the MIME types on the default website.