Conditional layout works does not work in form

  • 28 August 2023
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Hello, some time ago, i though i saw that conditional layout of progress bars within the Universal Gui was now possible with an extended property. However, this seems to be working only for forms, but not for grids. Is this a bug, a choice or still being developed? And if so, when can we expect this to be released?






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This is not yet developed. I will create a ticket for this on the backlog. If you feel this feature is high in demand then feel free to create an idea for this on the ideas section. With enough votes it will get a higher priority. 

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Hi Bram,

As part of next release (2024.1.13.0), conditional layouts will be applied to the progressbar instead of the grid cell in behind.

In addition to this, progressbars in cardlists will also listen to conditional layouts now.

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