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Hi eveyone,

I’m trying to create a screentype for a view, but unfortunately some of the components show in a strange way or they do not show at all. I have created them before with success, but it just not seems to work this time. 

Is there anyone who can tell what is wrong here, I’m probably overlooking something? 

  • View: “zaag_voorschrijving_picken_buis_groep”
  • Screentype: “zaag_voorschrijving_picken_buis_groep_universal”




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  • The screen type is selected and showing on the screen voor the view. 
  • The grid is not showing (this makes the tasks also hidden behind a button), but I don’t know why. 
  • If I create a screen type with only a grid, the data is showing in a grid. 
  • If I create a screentype with only a form, the data is showing in a form. 
  • If I create a screentype with both, the grid is not showing????

What makes this grid hidden? Thanks in advance!


Best answer by Mark Jongeling 17 June 2024, 14:46

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Hey Martijn,

When a detail screen follows a 1-on-1 reference, the Windows GUI will omit the Grid as there is only one row to selected. Universal GUI doesn't do this at the moment but will at one point.


Hi @Mark Jongeling ,

Thanks for your quick response. I’m not sure if I misunderstand, but there are multiple rows, not one. 

If I change the screentype to grid only, the result is this: 

There are three rows, not one. 

Does this still matches your answer? 

Thanks in advance!

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Does not match my answer but I thought it could have been the case. I'm afraid I don't know what might cause this. Hopefully another Community member can help out here.

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Hi @Martijn_Reede,

I see there were no further responses in this topic. Do you still require assistance on this?

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I suspect this might be a non-unique Primary key. Could you run Smoke tests for your branch if you are on platform version 2024.2; or else verify in every scenario that the view does not return records with duplicate key values?