Cannot sign into Indicium via browser, connection not private

  • 20 September 2022
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Indicium is running, but for some reason I cannot sign to do API calls.

Is it because it is http instead of https?  We are testing in a local environment.




2 replies

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Hello Harm,

Yes, this problem is more than likely caused by using http instead of https.

If you have OpenID clients configured in your IAM, then there is no way to make signing work in modern browsers over http. OpenID requires us to configure authentication cookies in a certain way that modern browsers will only allow over secure connections. If you can remove the OpenID clients from your development IAM, then this could work to circumvent this problem.

If you do not have OpenID clients configured in your IAM, then you are probably running this instance of Indicium in Development Mode. In Development Mode the cookies are also configured differently, but due to the changes made in browsers over the last few years, this too requires a secure connection. You could try to run Indicium in its default, Production mode to circumvent this problem.

In general however, we recommend to use https everywhere. Not only is it more secure, it is also much faster (https is a requirement for the superior HTTP/2 protocol). Furthermore, in the future browsers will only become increasingly more strict.

I hope this helps.

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Hi Vincent,

Ok clear, good to know, because I started doubting about everything.

I wil see how we can fix this in our configuration.

Thank you