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  • 3 February 2023
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Is there a way to run Base Projects/Models in the Universal GUI? 

Before the switch from projects to models, we could create a branch of a Base Project and switch the branch to non-base. In this way, we could build functionality and test it in the interface. After succesfully adding functionality we merged the changes into the Base Project and all Projects using this Base Project have the option to upgrade to this new version.


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4 replies


We did some testing regarding this issue:

  • we changed the base model to a non-base model
  • the model which was using the original base model still loads the functionality from this now non-base model

This helps us in the way we set up our projects/models, because we can now run and test our non-base models seperately with the option to still load them into other projects/models.

But if you guys consider this as a bug, we might lose this workaround.

Our suggestions when you decide this is a bug:

  • Could work models also be considered base models for other models?
  • Could we mark a branches as work/base model?

What is your opinion on this?

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Base models have some properties that may make them unable to be run like an application.

For instance, it is allowed to omit the RDBMS setting for a base model. This allows the base model to be used by work models of varying RDBMS. However, this leaves the runtimes unable to connect to a back-end.

In some scenarios, like the one you described, it is not really a problem to run a base model as an application. This is not ‘officially’ supported - Use at your own risk. Keep in mind that it does require some discipline when it comes to the order of model generation to propagate changes in this chain of models.

Allowing certain (branches of) work models (that play by all the rules of a work model) to be used by other models as base models could be formalized as an officially supported feature. Feel free to submit an idea so we can work this out further.


Thanks Anne for your insight, would be nice to have a future proof solution for this. I created an idea

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You could also create a project that only has this as a base project without anything else. Then you can start that project in the UI. That way you don't have to change the type all the time.

It is still no more than a workaround though.