Auto-hide grid in Universal GUI

  • 13 September 2022
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When a target table as detail has the same primary key as its source table the Windows GUI automatically hides the grid even when a grid is part of the screen design. The Universal GUI doesn't display the same behavior and always shows the grid even when the data model directly implies there will only ever be maximum one detail record.

Is it possible to add a setting to the Universal GUI to copy this behavior from its Windows sibling? This would take away the need to redesign lots of screens.


Best answer by Mark Jongeling 13 September 2022, 11:08

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2 replies

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Hi Roland,

It is correct that the Universal GUI does not hide the Grid automatically in this situation. Due to the absence of Variants back in the day, the Windows GUI started to do this for same PK detail references. We are considering implementing this into Universal GUI but for now the only alternative is to create Variants to have the same experience as in the Windows GUI.

Feel free to create an Idea for this so we can see the amount of interest in this. Most likely if implemented, it will be configurable using Extended properties as some clients may not like this for their own application.

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Hi Mark,

Great suggestion. I more or less copied this question to an idea: