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Release notes Universal GUI 2023.1.11

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Release notes Universal GUI 2023.1.11

January 20, 2023

  • Changed beta release to the full version: 2023.1.11


Hello everyone,

In this sprint, we have added some new features and fixed some problems. Some highlights are: playing a sound while showing a message, and executing tasks upon double-clicking a card list, grouped tree, or resource scheduler.

Please read on for a complete overview of all new features, changes, and fixes.

As always, we have made a demo for you: try it here. Before trying it out, press 'Clear Cache' on the login screen. You can read the GUI user manual to get familiar with the Universal GUI.

We will keep you updated regularly about Universal GUI's progress.


Universal GUI version 2023.1.11

Do not forget the documentation and be sure to keep the following in mind:

  • A modern browser is required to access the Universal GUI, e.g., a recent version of Chrome, Firefox, Edge, or Safari mobile. Using the Universal GUI with IE is not supported.
  • The Universal GUI must be deployed on the same server as Indicium or an allowed origin in appsettings.json.
  • The Universal GUI only works with version 2021.2 and up of the Thinkwise Platform.
  • Make sure you run all hotfixes on IAM and the Software Factory that you plan to use for the Universal GUI.
  • Make sure you are using the latest version of Indicium.


Download the Universal GUI version 2023.1.11 here


Contents of this release 



Fixed Field no. of positions

The form setting Field no. of positions further has been updated to match the behavior in the Windows GUI. For example, if you set the Field no. of positions further to 3, there will now be 2 positions above that field.

This is a breaking change. If you are using Field no. of positions further in the Universal GUI, make sure to verify that the result is still as intended.

You can find this setting in the Software Factory,  under the menu User interface > Subjects > tab Default/Variants > tab Components > tab Form.

There is a known issue that some controls (multiline, HTML, image link, image upload, and signature) will claim the extra space given by Field no. of positions further for the control after them. This will be fixed in a later release.



Execute double-click task from card list, grouped tree, or resource scheduler

You can now specify that a task will be executed automatically when a user double-clicks a card in a card list, a grouped tree, or the resource scheduler.

Select Double click on record in the task's settings to set this up.


Play a sound while showing a message

The Universal GUI now supports playing a sound when showing a message. You can add sound to popups or snackbar messages.

You can configure the sound file in the menu User interface > Messages in the Software Factory. Messages can be used in the following ways:

  • Process flow messages
  • Messages from application logic
  • (Custom) task confirmation



addContext API Performance Improvement

When a task was performed on multiple selected records, each selected record would have its own HTTP call to add it to the staged resource. This process has been improved. The Universal GUI now executes one call to Indicium for the entire selected record set, which speeds up task execution.

Indicium must be upgraded to the latest version as older Indicium versions don't support this feature.

Executing a task with multiple records will not work correctly on Indicium versions older than 2023.1.10.


Import and Export immediately have been swapped in the overflow menu

In the overflow menu of the grid, the options Import and Export immediately have been swapped.


Minor fixes and tasks

  • In some cases, the label of a checkbox displayed '...', indicating text overflow. However, there was enough space to display more characters. This has been fixed.
  • If a screen with task shortcuts was closed and reopened, the task shortcuts could stop working. This has been fixed.
  • If you clicked on a task to continue with a process flow after auto-saving a record, the process flow would not start. You had to click on the task a second time to start it. This has been fixed.
  • When clicking on a different tab in a form while in default edit mode, the tab would not be selected on the first click. You had to click on the tab a second time to open it, and you would not be in edit mode anymore. Now, you will switch to a different tab immediately without losing edit mode.
  • When clicking on a different row in the grid, the tab page with the form in it would be selected for that row. Now, you can click on a different row without anything else changing.
  • The alignment of the Model Insights options in the user profile menu has been improved.
  • When adding or copying in a subject or switching records, the corresponding detail grid summary rows would remain, even though there were no detail records at that point. In these scenarios, the grid summary row is now updated as empty to reflect this.
  • When a subject with change detection was opened, the first request to detect changes would not include @last_refresh_utc, even though the dataset had already been fetched when the subject was opened. This has been corrected. @last_refresh_utc now gets updated with each dataset refresh.


What we will be working on next sprint

The next sprint we will be working on:

  • Resource scheduler custom time scales - when used in combination with he 2023.1 platform, custom time scales can be configured as hours/15 minutes.
  • Editable grid key up/down - this will allow the user to use key up or down to navigate the cells in a default editable grid.
  • Task and report tiles - much like detail tiles components that show tasks or reports as large tiles
  • OAuth login process flow action support - a process flow action can request the user to log in to an external party to obtain an OAuth token for the remaining process flow.


We just downloaded the new version of Universal GUI and placed it in our test environment.
Although we have clearly downloaded version 2023.1.11.0 (2 times), the version info indicates that it concerns the beta version.

Can you tell me if this is just an unupdated splash screen, or is the version incorrect on TCP?





Hi @Marc Ferket,

It seems this release wasn't correctly named. The version in TCP was correct, on the splash screen it wasn't.

I've updated the version on the splash screen so it's correct. Can you download it again from TCP?

Kind regards,

Tim de Lang