🚀 Platform improvements for week 52 - And the best wishes!

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Hi everyone!

We’ve released the following platform improvements this week:

SF 2023.1

  • 20221223 - Validation code fix for 3 validations
    • There were 3 validations regarding control procedures with status development/review/disapproved, that did not provide a value for mandatory columns. This resulted in an error executing this validation. This has been fixed in the VALIDATIONS base model by providing the required values. Afterwards, be sure to generate your work model before validating again.
  • 20221227 - Remove platforms in Thinkwise base models
    • Some Thinkwise base models were supplying platforms to work models unintentionally. This has been resolved by removing them.
  • 20221228 - Unit test performance improvement
    • Unit test performance has been improved. The time it takes to assemble the unit test code and to perform declarative assertions after a unit test is executed has been sharply improved. The pop-up to preview unit test code is also a lot faster. 

      You can no longer provide input for button types when unit testing layout logic. These button types are to be treated like access types and mandatory states - stateless. Existing input mappings in unit tests for button types will be ignored

IAM 2022.2 & 2023.1

  • 20221230 - Additional delete handler for users
    • In the 2022.2 version of IAM delete handlers were introduced to make it possible for developer to also delete a record by using the delete button in the ribbon. This wasn't working in the Users screen in IAM (Authorization > Users) so we introduced an additional delete handler that will take care of this from now on.

Best wishes!

On behalf of the Thinkwise Product Development team: we hope to welcome you back to our Community in 2023, and wish you all a great New Year's Eve!

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