🚀 Platform improvements for week 51

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Hi everyone!

We’ve released the following platform improvements this week:


SF 2022.2

  • 20221221 - Updated OpenID provisioning procedure
    • Provisioning of new users will no longer cause issues when the default tenant is used, no tenant is matched via the claim or claim value mapping and user groups of the default tenant are mapped. 
      Existing provisioned users will now be moved to the default tenant if the user template does not result in a tenant being matched via the claim or claim value mapping. This in turn will cause the correct user groups to be mapped which are part of this default default tenant.

SF 2023.1

  • 20221223 - Validation code fix for 3 validations
    • There were 3 validations regarding control procedures with status development/review/disapproved, that did not provide a value for mandatory columns. This resulted in an error executing these validations. This has been fixed by providing the required values.
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