🚀 Platform improvements for week 2

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Hi everyone!

We’ve released the following platform improvements this week:


SF 2021.2 and up

  • 20230112 - Fix upgrade of mandatory varbinary columns
    • When copying data from old tables to the new tables during an upgrade, mandatory varbinary fields will no longer be filled with an empty string if no data is present in the old table as this could not be implicitly converted. Instead it will be filled with some binary data that represents an empty string.

SF 2023.1

  • 20230109 - Exclude tab variant values from refs in task_copy_tab
    • When copying tables, the option to also copy references would include table variant settings that cannot be copied to the new object. This has been resolved by excluding the values form being copied.
  • 20230111 - Constraints correction for merge execution
    • When deleting or renaming a task, report, table, tag, role or machine learning model, a constraint error could occur in certain cases when merging these changes to another branch regarding reachable objects, training data or user simulation. This has been resolved.
  • 20230113 - Corrections in DB2 definition generation
    • When generating the definition for a DB2 model, an error would arise for 2 control procedures. This has been fixed, resulting in a successful definition generation again.

IAM 2023.1

  • 20230106 - IAM file storage cleanup
    • IAM installations upgraded over time from version 2019.2 or earlier to 2023.1 may have a lingering file storage override that can mess with the icons of IAM in 2023.1. 
      This has been resolved.
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