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Release notes Windows GUI & Web GUI (2021.2.10)

  • 28 April 2021
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Release notes Windows GUI & Web GUI (2021.2.10)
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Hello everyone,

in this sprint, we've made the user's application language available, and we've added support for features that will be introduced in the soon-to-be-released 2021.2 Thinkwise Platform. Of course, we've also fixed some issues.

You can read the GUI user manual to read about the Windows and Web GUI's features. We'll keep you updated regularly about the Windows and Web GUI's progress.




Platform support for 2019.1 expired

As our Lifecycle Policy describes, the support of the Thinkwise Platform version 2019.1 has expired. The same applies to all outdated support codes for the Windows GUI and Web GUI.

This also means the support for the SCL data layer has expired. It has to be replaced by our new Indicium service layer. For more information, see our blog post, Bye, bye, soap service tiers.


New features


Application language for session_context (Windows GUI & Web GUI)

A user's application language can now be made available in the Windows GUI and Web GUI, by using the session variable tsf_appl_lang_id. This variable makes a user's language available to your end application instead of only for IAM. The session variable can be read by using the following statement: select SESSION_CONTEXT(N'tsf_appl_lang_id').

You could, for example, make a default stored procedure return a translation or add a translated column to a view without turning it into a lookup column.


Azure Active Directory authentication (Windows GUI & Web GUI)

We've introduced support for a new authentication method using an Azure active directory account to log in to an application.

To log in using the Azure active directory account, a user should be created by selecting the External authentication method. The integrated authentication method will automatically be used by the Windows GUI and the Web GUI. A user name and a password are required.

This authentication method will be available as of the 2021.2 Thinkwise Platform release. More information will follow then.


New message type: 'Debug'

We've added a new message type: 'Debug'. It only logs the messages in the debug console for users with developer mode enabled. For more information, see Message location.


Minor fixes and tasks

  • Web GUI - The issue that horizontal scrolling was not in sync between the grid header and the data on the Web GUI has been fixed.
  • Web GUI - We've fixed the issue where the Save and Cancel buttons were disabled when adding a new row in the grid.
  • Web GUI - The extended property DevReportZoom is now also available in the Web GUI. This extended property sets the default zoom factor for the DevExpress report viewer. For more information, check our documentation.

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I see there is a .11 version released. I would like to know what's changed, via the Community or TCP. Now I don't know anything if there is something important fixed we should know. Can you keep us updated on every update?

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Hi René.

I contacted our WinWeb team and they told me there is a hotfix for Server hosted reports in this version. They will create a changelog item for this immediately.