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Release notes Windows GUI and Web GUI (2021.1.17)

  • 6 April 2021
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Release notes Windows GUI and Web GUI (2021.1.17)
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Hello everyone,

in this sprint, we've added some nice new features. For example, for the Windows GUI, code inspiration will be close at hand from now on, with a ThinkStore shortcut in the ribbon. And for DevExpress report users (Web GUI), logging has been added. You can read about this and more below. Besides all this, we've added support for the soon-to-come 2021.2 platform release.

You can read the GUI user manual to read about the Windows and Web GUI's features. We'll keep you updated regularly about the Windows and Web GUI's progress.


New features


ThinkStore shortcut in the ribbon (Windows GUI)

A shortcut to the ThinkStore has been added to the Developer ribbon.

The ThinkStore is part of the Thinkwise Community and contains code samples and model examples, for you to use. Just click on it for a lot of coding inspiration from fellow developers, and feel free to add your own!

Also, the ribbon icons for Documentation and Community have been updated.

Visit the ThinkStore!


New report mailer parameter for Outlook (Windows GUI)

A new report mailer parameter has been added for Outlook: sent_on_behalf_of_name. Set this parameter if you want to send the report on behalf of a different email address. The data type is 'string'. This parameter is not available for SMTP.


Logging for DevExpress report (Web GUI)

This release logging has been added to DevExpress reports. We've also added expanded logging functionality to the Web GUI. The log files can be found in the Logs folder in the application directory.

Two extended properties have been added to use this function:

  • WriteLogToFile to turn on the logging feature.
  • LogSeverity to set the log level for info/warning/error.

These parameters are used runtime by the Web GUI: the logging will start after someone logs in on the Web GUI. When a problem in your production environment occurs, there's no need to restart the application and log out all the users. Neither is it necessary to run the Web GUI in developer mode.


Minor fixes and tasks

  • Web GUI: In multiple selection mode, it wasn't possible to deselect nodes in a tree list. This has been fixed, now it is possible to change your selection.
  • Web GUI: We've fixed the problem for the file system manager that at a file upload, existing files were sometimes overwritten by new files with the same name. The cause was that in a slow network, the necessary check was skipped due to a timeout. An exception has been added for this check.
  • Web GUI: We've fixed an issue where the Web GUI didn't return to an already opened document after a user clicked the menu item again or after a process flow triggered it again.

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