Universal GUI URL masking

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We have currently tried and have added on a Cardlist in Universal GUI an html link.

This link is dynamically created from the SQL in the view and an HTML link is displayed.

The problem with it is that once the link is clicked it opens the page in same window instead of the defined new window or tab.

From the above issue reported we got an answer to use instead of HTML the URL domain type. Doing that though means we will see the entire URL on-screen which is not desirable.

The idea is to have a way to mask the URL behind a smaller text or image.


I believe it is similar to this Idea, would be good to see the Votes merged in order to get this higher on the list: 


Find a way to do this. I created an href html tag with the link and set it to HTML control. 
It worked fine!

@Werther But does it also open the URL in a new tab if you click on it from a Grid or Cardlist? We have it working as expected on the Form, but for both the Grid and the Cardlist the target=”_blank” attribute is somehow stripped, due to which the link will open in the same browser tab as the Universal GUI. Just tested in the Universal GUI 2022.2.16 and that problem still exists for us.


@Mark Jongeling On my previous comment: could these two Ideas be merged? The votes combined will hopefully put it higher up the priority list to fix this in the Thinkwise Platform!

The following idea has been merged into this idea:

All the votes have been transferred into this idea.

Hi @Arie V 

...to fix this...

It isn't broken as it has not been implemented yet 😉

But I'll merge these ideas as these indeed overlap quite much. We'll use this idea to monitor the votes and replies.