Synchronize IAM with different DB Credentials

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In current version of TSF it is seems not to be possible to synchronize from TSF to IAM when the target DB credentials differ from the TSF Webservice credentials.

Because of this, in case the credentials cannot be made equal creating a deployment package seems to be the only way to sync IAM, which is not desirable, because this is to much complicated. Especially in case of a making small changes, like a little adjustment in a roles, this cost to much time.

I would expect a possibility to enter credentials before starting the sync process or save the credentials (securely) in the IAM Configuration. 

Or, have I missed something and is there already an easier way?


@Harm Horstman This is missing since TWP 2022.1 in which they revised the synchronization and deployment, pretty annoying indeed! @Anne Buit mentioned last week that this will most likely be supported again in TWP 2023.1, let's hope it will make it to the release.

Thanks @Arie V, I really hope this will be solved soon, we are using the synchronization mechanism a lot, especially during test and the commissioning stage.

@Anne Buit, is implementation of this already scheduled? Or do I need add a ticket in TCP for this?

Hi Harm,

Allowing alternative credentials for pooled application access, synchronisation, code execution and unit testing is indeed planned for 2023.1.

Note that it will require you to set up encyption key storage for the Indicium(s) hosting the development environment.

Feel free to submit a ticket if you want to keep posted on the progress.


Is the Managed Identity also part of this feature? I really would like to setup this feature with managed identity so there is no need to store credentials anywhere.

Support for managed identities is separate feature that we have our sights on for an upcoming release. Not just for database connections but also for Azure storage and other cloud services.