SQL server use system datatypes instead of user defined datatypes

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Hi all,

In order to synchronize data from a local MS SQL database to a MS Azure database, Microsoft offers a tool named the “SQL Data Synch”. In order to use this tool, a table cannot be using a user defined datatype. By default the Software Factory generates tables in MS SQL Server based on user defined types. You need to be able to disable this and instead use system datatypes when deploying.

Therefor I would like to be able to configure this within a project version. And I would like to specify whether this is done for tables and or stored procedures. In some cases you would like to enable this for tables, but not for stored procedures.

Currently you can set this by manually setting the column “alias_allowed” in the table dttp to 1 and after that alter the column user_defined_dttp on the table dom. This should be something that you can configure within the project version.

Do keep in mind that you should still be able to deploy the user defined datatypes so that they can be used in SQL code templates. If you change to alias_allowed column that will also cause the user defined datatypes not to be generated within the upgrade/db create code groups. You should still be able to deploy the user defined datatypes in those script.

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